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West Jordan is a rapidly growing suburb of Salt Lake City with a population of over 116,000 as of 2018 and is the fourth most populous city in the state of Utah. It is among the fastest-growing cities in the state, with a rising number of major construction projects, including residential units and commercial spaces. 

West Jordan is one of the best cities to settle in. However, homes in West Jordan have a fair share of issues and defects that our home inspection services help bring to light. Among these issues are as follows: 

  1. Plumbing– leaking, exposed, and outdated pipes
  2. Electrical – ungrounded outlets and improperly wired breaker boxes – all of which are safety hazards
  3. Heating – leaking in heating units
  4. Drainage – poorly installed drainage system. One of the common signs of drainage issues is a wet basement. 
  5. Roofing problems – this includes torn and cracked shingles and poorly installed flashing.
  6. Walls – gaps and cracks in walls
  7. Fungal timber decay or dry rot

There are two home inspection myths that we put an end here at Bent Nail Inspections. First, the assumption that new homes are flawless. Truth is, no home is perfect. Second, a home inspection is not needed if buying a home warranty. The problem is, home warranties rarely cover everything, so it’s always the best idea to have a home inspection conducted before closing. 

All these factors affect the convenience, safety, and health of homeowners. This is why at Bent Nail Inspections, we don’t just look around without giving you accurate knowledge of the home’s condition… We provide exemplary West Jordan, UT home inspection services because we want you to get what you really paid for.

Perfecting the art of home inspection since 2008, listed below are our top-notch home inspection services in West Jordan, UT:
  1. 5-Star Package – Includes Radon Testing, Mold Testing, Home Inspection, Online Resources, and more! 
  2. Home Buyers Inspection – a non-invasive physical examination of the home. Our West Jordan, UT home inspectors examine the major components and systems such as roofing, ceiling, attic, walls, siding, interiors, heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, foundation, basement, and crawl spaces. The benefit? It provides you with proper knowledge of the actual conditions of the home and helps you make an informed decision.
  3. Home Sellers Inspection – One advantage of a home seller’s inspection in West Jordan, Utah, is that sellers get to see their property through the eyes of an unbiased, neutral, and critical third party. This way, you can price your home realistically and make repairs ahead of time before buyers and agents start touring around the property. Moreover, you are confident with your property, which also relieves potential buyers’ concerns and suspicions. 
  4. Builders Warranty – Most common construction issues get noticed until 3 – 5 years. Our West Jordan Builders Warranty Inspection will give you a comprehensive report of your property’s condition before your warranty expires and before you run out of time. One of the immense benefits you reap is that it saves you a lot from costly repairs because your builder is still responsible for it. Don’t think that 11 months is still a long way to go because you’re actually a day closer to it. 
  5. Radon Testing – Radon gas goes into the air you breathe and is the second leading cause of lung cancer, next to cigarette smoking. Each year in the United States alone, thousands die of lung cancer. EPA recommends a radon level between 2 to 4.0 pCi/L. Protect your family’s health from the risk of radon and lung cancer by calling us today for radon testing. 

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Services And Service Area

Bent Nail Inspections provides Buyer’s Home InspectionPre-Listing Inspection, and Builder Warranty Inspection as well as Radon Testing to home buyers and home sellers in the following areas of Salt Lake City, Sandy, West Jordan, Orem and Ogden, and the surrounding area.

Home Inspections in Salt Lake City, UT – 84125, 84090, 84084, 84057, 84401


Buyer’s Home Inspection

Seller’s Home Inspection

11 Month Builder Warranty

Radon Testing

Having ranked #2 in the top 25 most neighborly cities, Salt Lake City, UT makes an excellent place to settle down for singles, young professionals, families, and retirees. Salt Lake City’s considerable growth in career and business opportunities has led to a hot real estate market for a lot of homebuyers. 

Buying or thinking about buying a home in Salt Lake City, UT? Bent Nail Inspections is here to help you make the most informed buying decision.

Having served many homebuyers since 2008, our home inspectors work with due diligence to make sure you understand every fact of every aspect of the property you are purchasing. A detailed report will be provided the next day by your professionals from Bent Nail Inspections

At Bent Nail Inspections, you can expect nothing less of an outstanding home inspection service.

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